The Calgary Buffalo Hockey Association (CBHA) is one of four elite hockey associations in the City of Calgary. Our Association represents mainly the southeast quadrant of the city. The CBHA is composed of 14 teams who participate in the AEHL (Alberta Elite Hockey League), the SCAHL (South Central Alberta Hockey League) and the Hockey Calgary Elite League.

The CBHA is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors who strive to uphold our mission:

“To provide a development program that facilitates the pursuit of hockey excellence and lifelong learning both on and off the ice”

Our teams include U13 AA (Hawks, Rangers, Wranglers), U15 AA (Hawks, Rangers, Wranglers), U15 AAA (Bisons) , U16 AA (Hawks), U17 AAA (Bulls), U18 AA (Hawks, Rangers), U18 AAA (Buffaloes) and Junior B (Hawks , Rangers).

We have a long history starting prior to World War II and we are the oldest minor hockey association in Calgary. There have been many changes over the years.

CBHA 1943 – 1955

1943 – 1944: 6 Pee Wee teams (13 years old)

1944 – 1945: 6 Pee Wee teams, 4 Midget teams (14 – 16 years old)

1945 – 1946: 6 Pee Wee teams, 4 Midget teams, 4 Juvenile teams (under 18)

1946 – 1954: 6 Pee Wee teams, 4 Midget teams, 4 Juvenile teams, 4 Junior B teams, 1 Junior A team

Oct 6, 1960

Buffalo Athletic Association was reformed as the Ranger Buffaloes (Phase 2) at the Calgary Brewery and consisted of two midget teams, Rangers and Stampeders.

Nov 15, 1964

The Midget and Juvenile "AA" leagues were set up and conformed to the Quadrant concept.  The two juvenile "AA" teams added to the Association were taken over from the Old Timers Association who previously sponsored these clubs.

Nov 1, 1965

The Bantam "AA" league was formed with one team in each quadrant.  Two Bantam "AA" clubs were added to the Association. The teams were in the NW and SE quadrants.

Sept 1, 1967

Two more Bantam "AA" and two Midget "AA" clubs were added to the organization (two of each age group now in each of the NW & SE quadrants).


One Junior ‘B’ team was added.  This brought the number of teams in the organization to 13 with 260 boys in the NW and SE quadrants of the city.


Two Major Midget teams were formed in each quadrant and these teams played in the SAML


The decision was taken due to the growth of the city and the natural boundaries of the quadrant system, to split the Ranger Buffalo Hockey Association into the North Calgary Buffalo Athletic Association and our present Calgary Buffalo Hockey Association


The Calgary Buffalo Hockey Association includes 3 Bantam AAA Teams, 2  Midget A Teams, 2 Midget  AA Midget Teams, the AAA Midget Buffaloes and  2 Junior B Teams.

Current Day

We continue to evolve and now have 14 total teams from U13 AA through to Jr B.